1. Which one ?? {fight me !!} rt for first one , like for second.

  2. Me everytime I listen to Lady Marmalade and Christina Aguilera comes in swinging and singing like the rent is due in an hour

  3. DM me if you want to join

  4. W odpowiedzi do

    wait for me I'll be there in a bit

  5. NHL expansion draft has me so excited. I love expansion drafts so much.

  6. me the morning after having a mental breakdown on twitter

    Te multimedia mogą zawierać nieodpowiednie treści. Dowiedz się więcej
  7. "if i fell off tomorrow, would you still love me?"

  8. Me: Ur a Taco Bell : so u want me when ur drunk? Me: EXACTLY

  9. Happy Birthday to the man who TO'd the tournament that kickstarted my Rhythm gaming endeavours . Have a good one my dude.